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Facts About Losing Belly Fat – Are You Overdoing It

Eighty-three per cent of young college women spend much of their time dieting, no matter what they weigh, according to a survey published in Nutrition Journals the US, while 45 per cent of American women are on a diet on any given day – statistics courtesy of And the numbers of men doing the same thing grows every year, with 25 per cent of males on a diet on any given day.

By their teens, over half of girls practice unhealthy diet-related behavior, such as skipping meals, fasting or taking laxatives according to a US report in 2005.

A 2006 magazine survey of young women found that one in three thought about their body shape most of the time every day. This was not in a positive way but negatively, reducing their self-confidence, reinforcing their poor body image. Indeed, over half said their body image spoiled their sex lives.

Each time a woman or man embarks on a new diet to try to lose weight, and fails, or loses then regains the lost weight, this also reduces self-confidence and reinforces poor body image.

The Tyranny of Skinny; Are You At Risk?

Here are five key points to show when/whether you’re at risk from becoming (or are already) a victim of the tyranny of skinny, followed by some simple suggestions for how to change your behavior and/or thought patterns in order to escape:

You weigh yourself daily – perhaps even more often. You even check your weight on other people’s scales when you get the chance.
Compulsive weighing shows obsessive body-image problems and an irrational belief that measurable weight loss can take place in hours rather than over a realistic period of time. (In fact, short-term weight loss can only be comprised of body fluids, rather than fat.)

If you’re a hyper scale-hopper you should, at least in the short term, throw out the scales, rely only on looser feel of waistbands for a sense of weight loss, and concentrate on how you feel (e.g. more alert, less breathless, more stamina), rather than how you look or what you weigh.

You avoid a long list of behaviors or circumstances (e.g. buying new clothes or applying for a new job, ditching the dead-end boyfriend) and tell yourself you will allow these to happen once you are at what you consider a suitable weight.

The belief that your life is ‘on hold’ until you lose weight, and that overweight is intimately linked with what you are allowed to do in terms of success, goals, experiences, is a dangerous, but extremely common one.

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Eye Secrets – The Secret To Looking Beautiful

Everyone wants to look beautiful and younger. Some are naturally beautiful and those who are not, they have no way other than artificial beauty, A wide range of cosmetic is out there in market that can make you beautiful. There is no age specifications of target market of cosmetic industry because every person, living on the earth, wants to look more beautiful. People even don’t avoid going for drugs and surgical methods to become beautiful. I don’t say that these methods are not worth working but I tell you that these have hell of side effects related to them. At the beginning you may not realize that it is harmful but later on the side effects of these methods appear. If they are minor side effects, one can neglect them but sometime they become major. Thus why not to choose a cheaper and safer way to become beautiful? One the ways to becomes beautiful is Eye secrets. Once you try it, I am sure you’ll like it. It has become a popular way to become beautiful.
Eyes are reflection of your heart and beauty. When you meet anyone, with thing you look at or they look at, are your eyes. Therefore more beautiful your eyes are, better will be your impression to one you are meeting with. Eyes are also reflection of your feelings. Sad and dizzy eyes may impact badly. They can make a problem for you in delivering the real impact or message which you want to send through your eyes.  Eye secrets is there to make you look and overcome your problem by lifting eyelids. It makes your eyes look sharp, good and clean.

When you grow older, your eyes reflect your age. Sometime your eyes reflects you quite elder than real. You must be annoyed by teens calling you uncle or aunt when you are not. Eye secrets removes the fine lines around your eyes which make you look older. When you have such superb solution for your problem, which is neither expensive nor difficult, why do you go for other methods to look beautiful and younger? Simply use the product sold online or acai berry reviews purchase them from market, apply them on the area around your eyes and forget that you had wrinkles and fine lines around your beautiful eyes. Once you use them they will keep your eyes look younger for 12 hours at least. Therefore you need not to apply them again and again throughout the day. Apply it when you get up in the morning and work all day, and party all evening but when you are about to hit the sack wash your face. You are still young with Eye secrets.

It’ll show you results fast and will make you realize that you are not wasting your money. It doesn’t take weeks and months to show the results but just few hours are enough to show you magic of Eye secrets. It is as natural as your skin is therefore no makeup impact is reflected when you use the products.

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