Prophet Uebert Angel | Similarities between Christianity and African religions

When early Christian missionaries arrived in Africa, they set about trying to establish their faith and dismiss the religions that had long been held by native Africans. There were a number of reasons behind this, but perhaps the most significant reason was due to the fact that the missionaries had a poor understanding of the African religions. It was incorrectly identified that much of the AfricProphet Uebert Angelan religion was in direct contrast to the beliefs of the Christian faith.

Many of the assumptions made by early Christian missionaries were in relation to African religions promoting witchcraft and sorcery. This was seen as being unacceptable and in addition to those two aspects there was the very real problem with regards to African medicine and the treatment of diseases. African medicine was seen as being extremely limited and not advanced compared to other more established countries. It was assumed that, as with African religion, much of the treatment revolved around witchcraft. Whilst there is a strong link between African religion and medicine, the reliance on witchcraft is not something that was totally true. There fact that many of the countries traditional healers were also religious leaders is something that confused the matter even further.

In recent times, the popularity of Christianity continues to grow as African scholars have correctly identified that the Christian faith is in fact very similar in many ways to a number of African religions in terms of their values, beliefs and morals. African scholars point out that the link between religion and witchcraft in the country was something that was always seen as a negative. They point out that whilst many African religions believe in the existence of witches, they class them as being sinners and discourage people not to believe or learn about their practices because it goes against what their own religion teaches. This is exactly the same standpoint that the Christian faith takes with regards to evil.

There are many popular prophets that organise public speaking events and are a prime example of the way in which Christianity and traditional religions can interact and work side-by-side. One of the most popular individuals that speaks publicly in Africa is Prophet Uebert Angel. Born in Zimbabwe, Prophet Uebert Angel relocated to Manchester, England but regularly returns to Africa to speak to people about prophecies and miracles whilst he also cites the Holy Spirit as playing a hugely important part in his life and his work.

Prophet Uebert Angel | Traditional African healing

Many medical professionals in western society refer to traditional healing methods as primitive and of little or no use to the patient. In Africa, there is still a very big reliance on traditional healing methods in relation to curing illness. Traditional healing methods in Africa are very spiritual and have strong links with religion. Many Africans believe that in order to stay healthy and free of disease, they must lead honest lives and place great emphasis on their faith. This has led to a number of high profile prophets such as Prophet Uebert Angel organising public speaking events in many African countries. Uebert Angel was born in Zimbabwe and spends his time travelling between the United Kingdom, where he operates a number of churches, and Africa. The reliance on religion and traditional healing methods can be emphasised by the fact that the healing market in Durban attracts almost 900,000 traders each and every year. Many of the medicines and treatments have found great popularity in Europe, despite the belief of medical professionals there being that they are somewhat primitive. Pygeum, a treatment to combat problems with the prostate, is a fine example of the success of Prunus africana nectariestraditional African healing. Cameroon produces almost 2000 tonnes each year with a large percentage of it being shipped to Europe and other western countries. This has been happening since the early 1970′s. In the majority of African countries, the most popular way in which to treat illnesses and disease is to seek the advice and guidance of well-educated healers that combine their knowledge of traditional healing techniques with many of the concepts used in western medicine practices. This is seen as being the perfect scenario for African people who are able to remain strong to their beliefs whilst at the same time receiving alternative western treatments. It is considered that there are two main types of medical practice commonly used in Africa today. The first one is in relation to traditional healing, which is very popular in more rural locations that are far away from the larger cities and hospitals. The traditional healers place great importance on herbal remedies and cures. In contrast to this, there is the more westernised form of medicine which is common in the larger cities and the more technologically advanced hospitals. Religion plays a huge part in both types, with many Africans believing that religion can be used to actually prevent illness and therefore negating the need for treatment.

Prophet Uebert Angel | Prophecies explained

A prophecy is when a message is conveyed to a prophet by a higher being, which is then passed on to a wider audience. There are lots of examples of prophecies during the course of history, some of which have been proved correct and others which have been extremely wide of the mark. The majority of religions have utilised prophets or prophecies at some stage. A prime example of this is in relation to the Bible and John the Baptist who conveyed the message of God to the public.

Prophet Uebert AngelNostradamus is perhaps one of the most famous prophets of all time and his predictions have found support in many individuals and organisations. Nostradamus was a converted Christian that had been persecuted throughout his life. It is believed that he obtained messages and guidance through the use of a crystal ball with many of his prophecies being claimed to have been accurate. Critics of Nostradamus and other prophets believe that many of the prophecies are open to interpretation and as such many can be disregarded. There are many examples of believers celebrating the fulfilment of a prophecy, only for critics to claim that the prophecy had been misinterpreted.

Prophecies are conveyed to an individual from a number of sources. One of the most popular prophets of recent times that have found huge popularity within Africa is the Prophet Uebert Angel. Thousands of people regularly attend his public speaking events to hear about his prophecies, predictions and miracles. Uebert Angel receives his messages from the Holy Spirit and has been visited approximately fifty times by angels that give him the information that he uses at public speaking events and in church. Prophet Uebert Angel spends his time in Manchester in the United Kingdom and Africa. Originally born in Zimbabwe, he is a prime example of the way in which prophecies can be obtained and then conveyed to a wider audience.

Prophecies can be used to assist individuals with regards to living a happy and successful life and can offer some form of direction for them to follow. Prophecies are extremely closely linked with religion and as such, the majority of prophets are from a strong religious background. The vast majority of religions contain prophets or prophecies and many of the beliefs and values that are prominent in religions around the world can trace their foundation back to a prophet or prophecy.